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Why settle for less...

Everybody likes a little bit more and that's what is on offer at Bitmore. They hope that their range of products, such as computer accessories, electronics and gadgets, will satisfy your need for that little bit extra.


"www.bitmore.co.uk - Their motto is to give you a 'bit more' - and they hope that their ever growing range of the latest electronic gadgets, downloadable computer games, audio equipment and computer accessories will do just that.

Whether you are looking for PC speakers or a hard drive caddy – their products are handpicked to be the highest quality at the best possible price, and they are constantly adding to their selection of available designs to give their electronic gadgets that extra edge.

What Bit More offers you is all of these 'must have' computer accessories in one place, and they are adding new electronic gadgets, audio equipment and downloadable computer games every week.

We all love our computer accessories, gaming and audio equipment - and they hope you do too! They are passionate about what they do, and are always striving to be better - so if you have any suggestions for them, please do get in touch.

At Bit More, they wanted to be able to find great electronic gadgets, audio equipment and downloadable computer games that they themselves would want to buy! They realised that there wasn't one place where we could go to find cool electronic gadgets that not only look great but that also do everything they were designed to do without any fuss.

So a few of them grouped together and set up Bit More - a one-stop-shop for computer accessories, electronic gadgets and iPod accessories with high functionality and lots of personality".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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