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They tend to include a Pencil Sharpener at the South Pole

When buying a globe of the world, it's always worth checking underneath, as many of them contain a bonus feature of a pencil sharpener. Thus, the item consists of a useful navigational aid combined with a device for trimming the point of a writing implement.

Although it might be assumed that only the smallest of globes of the world include such an item in the base, it has been found that globes of surprisingly large size also sometimes include a pencil sharpener. This may be a theme, or a tradition, or just one of those things.

The curious mind may ponder whether globes of other planets also include a pencil sharpener.

Also, synchronicity being the way it is, could it be that the Earth itself features a pencil sharpener in the South? Polar explorers trudging bravely forth through catabatic blizzards amid the Antarctic snow might glance skywards and think for a moment they saw in the sky the apparition of a giant pencil sharpener. This might not be recorded in the logs, as it would surely be considered a sign of delirium because of the terrible conditions and exhaustion which the brave explorers endure when trekking through that great white southern continent.

Such a discovery is about what would be required to give Creationism any credibility now that so much evidence has been found to favour Evolution.

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