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Further Reciprocal Links

This follows on from Recips3.htm. It's worth understanding that the links on these "recip" pages are acknowledgements of links elsewhere, rather than being the links themselves! Zyra's website has proper Categories which are to organise the actual site!

This site, www.zyra.org.uk (which includes zyra.co.uk), has reciprocal links with the following sites, some of which are mentioned elsewhere in the site:

Steenbergs Tea - was http://www.steenbergs-tea.com - and Steenbergs.co.uk - on the Tea page

Kay Books - on the Bookshops page

http://extortionletterinfo.com/ - links to, and is linked from How to Avoid Legal Demands of Getty Images & Other Photo Copyright Problems by Zyra

Toxic Drums - have a look to find out

Boston Belles - from the links page - and we link via the Transgendered page.

Godfrey DIY - DIY stores - Home improvement with Godfrey DIY. Buy online or in store today! - reciprocal link from the DIY page. We are linked from www.godfrey-diy.co.uk/links.html

Earlscroft Farm (self-catering in Boston Lincs) linked from the Boston Lincs and from the self-catering holidays page. We are linked from their Partners page.

Falconry World ...a daily updated site with resources about all areas of falconry

Ji-Style Emo clothing
Emo clothing and alternative clothes that gives you a whole new look with a lot of colours.

Butlins Caravans at Skegness - also see Butlins. We are linked from their links page, and we link to them from our Travel page.

Belize North - connected from our page exposing Police Corruption in Belize and also Belize Contacts. We are linked from the Belizean Links page.

Coloured Contact Lenses.org.uk - we are linked from Resources and we link from Coloured Contact Lenses

Leaning Tower of Pisa - was http://www.endex.com/gf/buildings/ltpisa/ltpisa.html - nice to have a reciprocal link with a world-famous landmark! (see places)

Harrison Telescopes - our link is from Telescope Shops and theirs (from useful links) goes to our Space / Astronomy page

CASELLA - the famous environment monitoring company, has a reciprocal link with our Adventure of a Thermohygrograph! ... and other pages so connected.

Setari's Roleplay Blog - That's well chuffing! See http://setari.blogspot.com/p/are-those-links.html and Role Play

Tranny Club - helpful UK site linked from the page of transgendered resources.

Bhutan Travelers - Locally owned and operated company provides tours, treks and adventure travel in Bhutan. Site also contains travel tips and Visa Information linked from the page of Bhutan resources.

Internet Affiliation - well that deservedly goes on the page of Shopping Malls, as they're in the affiliate business and have given us a dedicated page at http://www.internetaffiliation.co.uk/eclectic/zyras-place.asp . How about that?!

Bygone Computers - main link on the page of the History of Computers and the return link is honoured by being on the page http://www.bygone-computers.com/links/index.html/

Online Dating Tips For Men - How to Attract Women - OnlineDatingTipsForGuys.com - we link to them from dating and they link to us from http://onlinedatingtipsforguys.com/Resources/others.html

We link to Post Classified (adoos.com) from Advertising Contractors - We are linked from http://www.web-ref.org/s/123, and we also have www.web-ref.org in the Info Suppliers category.

car hire UK - car hire UK provides first-class service to its valued customers. Car hire uk offers a wide range of cars available within a reasonable price. A reciprocal link with http://www.devinix.com/contact.htm via Car Hire

Biz Advantage - reciprocal link via http://www.biz-advantage.com/disability-insurance.html

Crazy Hair Colour.com - on the page of Hair Dye

GlitterGoth - Alchemy Gothic Jewellery - we link via the Gothic page and are linked from http://glittergoth.co.uk/Links

Bali Villa - A Bali villas rental agency provide an original and first-class accommodation style to help you discover island of Bali. Linked from the Bali page. They link to us from http://balihomeparadise.com/links/Travel_Directory/

Adzuna - job search in the UK - linked from the page of Recruitment Companies and with a reciprocal link from Adzuna.co.uk blog

Always On Vacation : Holiday Rentals - Search from a great selection of Holiday Rentals Accommodations on AlwaysOnVacation.co.uk as well as Holiday Villas,Apartment Rental and other Holiday Rentals UK property types directly from owners. - linked from the page of Self Catering Holidays and with a reciprocal link from their other resources

Time Line Computer Archive - linked from Museums and Art Galleries and the History of Computers, and they link to us from Creed 5-hole Punch, and the Links page

Mail Box Express - on the page of Couriers. We are linked from their suppliers

VeggieHarvest.com - VeggieHarvest is an informational website to provide a definitive resource for all of your vegetable and herb gardening needs. See Gardening Resources. We are linked via Uncategorized Resources

Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and language - we link via language and they link to us via http://www.omniglot.com/links/language.htm#articles

MS Payday loans - was http://www.ms-payday-loans.com - - Payday loans electronically deposited in your bank account on the next banking day! We'll also take your payday loan application - unfortunately they failed to link back having promised to. Therefore this link has been removed. A shame! Previously linked from Loans - and they promised to link to us from http://www.ms-payday-loans.com/resources/miscellaneous82.htm , but this was found to be either difficult or impossible to reach from the front page, and also they failed to link back to us. So therefore, the link has been removed! Shame!

Urban Vehicle Logistics - Car Recovery Birmingham - linked from the page of Car Breakdown Recovery, and they link to us from their page of links www.urbanvehiclelogistics.co.uk/links/

Stop Loss Traders - linked from Finance - and they link to us from market-research-and-opinions

Tyres Unlimited - connected from the tyres page, and from car accessories. They link to us from http://www.tyresunlimited.co.uk/links-1.html

www.akajones.com - Does that remind you of anyone? - linked from Regency2, and link back to us from http://www.akajones.com/linkexchange.htm

Software Development .me.uk - custom-made bespoke software and consultation - linked from their front page! We link via the page of software

Pure Planet Recycling Ltd - the computer and electronics recycling company - linked from their second resources page! We link via the page of Ecological Links

Help for Hoarders.co.uk linked from the Resources page, and we link from Hoarding

Fruit-machine-sales.com - links to our Gambling Machines and Fruit Machine Glass pages directly from http://www.fruit-machine-sales.com/content_pages.php?page=custom_page&topic_id=53 , and we link to their site from the Gambling Machines page.

SP Holidays: Three links on the Travel page, connecting to SP Holidays , Same Day Agra Tours , and Kerala Tour Operators, and their reciprocal links are to our front page from http://www.spholidays.com/india-tours/index.php and http://www.samedayagratours.com/agra-hotels/index.html

(if you get a chance to check any of the sites mentioned on this page please tell me if any return-links have been accidentally lost)

Other places worth having a look at: The Full Site Index ,Main Reciprocal Links page, and other places. This is part of Zyra's website.