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Video and Audio Cables

If you're like us, you can never have enough cables for your electronics. Video and Audio Cables, the clue is in their name.

Video and Audio Cables:

"Video and Audio Cables stock a wide variety of audio visual cables and accessories, from many leading industry brands, such as Monster, IXOS, Lindy and Platinum Cables.

Stocking a full range of Televisions, Projectors and Wall mounts, we offer a one stop shopping solution for Video and Audio enthusiasts.

Located and operating from the UK, we have a wide spread network of customers both at home and abroad.

With a next day delivery schedule, for all domestic orders placed before 4pm, we have a high order fulfilment rate and a lot of happy customers.

Our European customer base is growing every day, to date we have shipped orders to France, Spain, Italy, Germany and as far wide as Bulgaria".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Video and Audio Cables

http://www.videoandaudiocables.co.uk/ affiliate program was with Paid On Results. Sadly, the program has now finished - are things in a tangle? Therefore, we have had to Bung Up the page. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Electronics page.