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Archived stuff to do with the (old) affiliate program

The famous bookshop WH Smith has done well on the affiliate program, but there have been times when there were problems. Most notably when the WH Smith affiliate program was with OMG

This has all been sorted out now!

Here's the archive material, in case anyone's interested:

The affiliate program was with OMG UK during which it generated this page of WH Smith stuff, but now there is good news as the affiliate program has moved to Affiliate Window. Sadly there were problems with the affiliate program, probably not the fault of OMG but more a mismanagement of corporate marketing, so the bottom line is that despite WH Smith having dedicated pages at this site and at other sites, they were without links. You are of course welcome to type in the WH Smith official web address which is www.whsmith.co.uk, and I still recommend them!

At the time of creating this, they are still featured at the Shopping Portal as well as the category of Bookshops and other notable locations within this site. With it being a free-market economy, the rivals of WH Smith, for example Amazon, Waterstones, Ryman, HMV, etc, will still continue to have affiliate programs. It is anyone's prerogative to miss out, but we feel sorry for WH Smith with their suicidally poor marketing decision, and we look forward to WH Smith surviving this bad patch in their long and distinguished business presence, and coming back to being good for business online, preferably soon.

Many other affiliates may have something to say about the loss of WH Smith from the world of good affiliate marketing. For example, see www.stampdemon.co.uk/whsmith.htm

Here's at Zyra's site there is an additional page about WH Smith, as they had one affiliate program for the books and another for... WH Smith Entertainment

By the way, no affiliate can do anything about "having a low conversion rate" especially during a recession. Quite simply, when people are being careful with their money, they often go window-shopping and might not buy anything that day. The affiliate isn't to blame. We welcome window-shoppers as well as buyers! You are free to browse around and make a free choice on whether to buy. It's up to you. A free choice. What should matter from a sensible merchant's point of view is the sales, not the ratio of clicks to sales or anything like that. We sympathise with WH Smiths in their intermediate period and hope they come back to having a good reliable long term affiliate program!

Interim message 2010/09: The links on this page go to WH Smith Entertainment. Sorry about this. We're hoping to get the links for the bookshop again soon!

Amusing point about spelling: WH Smith are stationers, and they sell stationery. Whereas in their quoted material it used to read as "stationary", the only thing about WH Smith that's stationary at the railway stations is the fact that they are not in motion.

Also, globes of the world may or may not have a pencil sharpener included.

WH Smith Entertainment is a bit like HMV, Game, or Play. It's a DVD shop, a Record Shop, an outlet that sells video games. So, unlike WH Smith Bookshop where the speciality is (as you might expect) Books, WH Smith Entertainment is for all the snazzy gizmos and stuff, and works of performance arts.

Unfortunately, whereas the aforementioned suppliers of Video Games, Music, and DVD Movies, are all still Live here as far as we know, poor ol' WH Smith Entertainment have gone and lost their affiliate links with this site. Of course you're welcome to type in the official URL which is www.whsmith.co.uk but it seems awfully bad management for them to have lost their affiliate links out there in the wide world of Internetland, when they could so easily have accepted all the good business they could muster, especially in these times of economic recession. Their rivals must be laughing in their socks, because they are capturing business which WH Smith have foregone. You can still visit Game , Play, HMV (His Master's Voice), Amazon , BBC Shop , Zavvi , and a great many other DVD shops, Music Shops, and purveyors of video console games

I hope WH Smith and WH Smith Entertainment will come back to being sensible about this and will yet again be Good For Business! Until then, they will be seen as simply exercising their right to miss out.

W H SmithGood News: There is now a new affiliate program for WH Smith

Welcome back!